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Course Information


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The syllabus contains information about the course and describes policies and practices.

Assignment Checklist

Used to track your grades.

Submitting Work

Format for posting Discussion Boards, taking Tests, submitting Assignments. "Late Work Policy" link is at bottom of page.
Class Calendar/Grade Scale Weekly Schedule and Weekly Grade Scale

Distance Education Questionnaire

1. Questionnaire to determine if the online course is appropriate for you. 2. How to be successful in an online course.

Dr. G.'s Pet Peeves

A list of pet peeves. (We all have them.)

Dr. G.'s Teaching Philosophy

Important to know.

Stress Course Overview

A course summary and an attempt to provide the answer to questions such as:
"What are is the purpose of this assignment?" / "Why are we doing this assignment?"


Information Source
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Policy How to...
Academic Honesty Policy Post to Discussion Board
Blackboard (Bb) Information  
Course Description Post to Drop Box
Course Objectives  
Attendance/Contact Policy Library Usage Directions
Assignment Policy  
Discussion Board Policy/Grading Drop the Course Procedure
Emailing Policy  
Grading Policy: Assignments/Discussion Board  Type on WWW Tables  (eg. Daily Stress Log)
Grading Scale  
Incomplete Policy  
Late Work Policy  
Switching Course Sections