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Course Information

  Below you will find three tables:  General Course Information, Specific Course Information, and AA-Assignment Assistance Table.

Click the links in the left-hand column.

General Course Information
Click the links below for the information:
Syllabus The syllabus contains information about the course and describes policies and practices.
Class Calendar/Grade Scale Weekly Schedule and Weekly Grade Scale
Dr. G.'s Pet Peeves A list of pet peeves. (We all have them.)
Dr. G.'s Teaching Philosophy IMPORTANT TO KNOW.
Stress Course Overview A course summary and an attempt to provide the answer to questions such as:
"What are is the purpose of this assignment?" / "Why are we doing this assignment?"
Text Book We are currently using the 2004 edition of the Charlesworth text. See image and ISBN number for text as well as title, author, etc.
Intellectual Property The contents of this course is the intellectual property of Dr. Griesinger. No portion of this course, including the course structure may be reproduced without permission of Dr. Griesinger.
Distance Education Questionnaire 1. Questionnaire to determine if the online course is appropriate for you. 2. How to be successful in an online course.
SMO Flyers Flyers that describe the course.  To be printed and given to those interested in taking the course, given to advisors, or posted in departmental offices.


Specific Course Information
Clink links below
Course Policy
Academic Honesty Policy Describing academic honesty...
Auditing and/or Pass/Fail Credit Requirements if auditing or taking for pass/fail.
Blackboard (Bb) Information Setting up email account, explaining Bb tabs, being blocked from Bb, etc.
Assignment Policy Policies for submiting assignments, lack of contact, extra points, etc.
Attendance/Contact Policy Explanation of requirement for keeping in touch and penalties for not doing so.
Course Description Brief description of the course.
Course Objectives List of Course Objectives (same as Stress Objectives below)
Emergency Situations Emergency hospitalization, technical problem, medical problems, etc.
Emailing Policy Format for "Subject" box to receive automatic reply.
Grading Policy: Assignments/Discussion Board  Grading of assignments and discussion boards.
Grading Scale Requirements for grades.
Incomplete Policy Basically, I generally do not give Incompletes.
Late Work Policy Defines and describes point deduction for late work.
Switching Course Sections Restrictions described on switching sections.
How to...
Drop the Course Procedure Procedure that must be followed for withdrawing from course.
Assignment Submission Procedure (Step-by-step) Assignment due dates, format, submitting, grading, use as model, etc.
Final Course Grade Determination grade scale and requirements for final grade.


AA-Assignment Assistance Table

These are links to help you answer your questions about elements in specific assignments, discussion boards, etc. Look here first before emailing Dr. G..

Assignment Checklist Used to track your grades. 
Class Calendar/Weekly Grade Scale Weekly Schedule and Weekly Grade Scale
APA Bibliography & Plagiarism  
Assignment Descriptions Brief descriptions of assignments.
Procedures for Assignments/DBs/Tests Step-by-step procedures for Assignments, Discussion Boards (DBs), and Tests.
Stress Management Objectives A list to be used with each assignment.  You will be asked to choose 1 or two from the list that is/are the goal(s) for that specific assignment.
Late Work Defines and describes point deduction for late work.
Assignment Hints (from past students)  
How to...
Post to Discussion Board Directions for how to post on a DB, read another student's post, and reply to another student's post.
Write an APA Bibliography & Plagiarism Some assignments require a bibliography in APA format.  This has the APA formatting for books, internet sources, etc.
Assignment Format & Submitting Assignments Format for submitting assignments. 
Type on Internet Tables Some assignments require tables.  This tells you how to use the internet table and type in each cell.
How to Post to Drop Box  
Library Usage Directions How to use U.C.'s online library