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Assignment Policy

1. You may turn in any assignment earlier than the due date.

Unfortunately, since you are doing a lot of research on the subject, your work must be turned in on time. If you are two assignments behind, it is suggested that you withdraw from the course with a "W," regardless of excuse.  Failure to do so may result in a final grade of "F."

2. LATE ASSIGNMENTS are those not submitted on the scheduled due date AT THE SCHEDULED TIME.

ANY ASSIGNMENT SUBMITTED LATE WILL RESULT IN A point deduction. You may submit a late assignment by 5:00PM two days after the scheduled due date.  There are points deducted for late assignments (see "Assignment Checklist") (There are no Discussion Board posts that are accepted late.)

Each part of the Stress Management Program (SMP) must be turned in before the next part will be considered (Example: SMP1 must be submitted before SMP2, SMP2 before SMP3, etc.).  If you are beyond the late deadline (2 days after original is due) with SMP1, for example, it will be given a zero but must be submitted before SMP2.  However, you may use ONE of these "beyond late" assignments graded as your ONE CHOICE assignment (see "Extra points" below).

3. EARLY ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSION: Since Assignments may be submitted earlier than the deadline, technical difficulties do not excuse you from the responsibility of submitting them on time. As in most online courses, technical difficulties do not excuse one from the responsibility of participation and other assigned work.

4. A. Some assignments will be completed on the Discussion Board and others through the Digital Drop Box. See the directions for each in "Blackboard." B. For the Drop Box use only one entry per assignment. C. After submission to Drop Box, it is your responsibility to send me an email immediately indicating which assignment was submitted.  Without this email I do not check the box. D. If there is a mistake in uploading to Drop Box or I can't read your submission, I will notify you by email and you must resubmit within ONE DAY from my sending the email, letting me know by email that you have resubmitted.  If you do this, it will not be counted as late.

5. Your assignments will be typed using the word processing program Microsoft Word (*.doc) OR saved in Rich Text Format (*.rft). If you do not have this program, you can obtain it by purchasing MS Office at the U.C. Bookstore. In a special arrangement with Micosoft, you will obtain a software program that could cost you hundreds of dollars for only $10.00!

6. Put your name and the assignment in the upper-left hand corner of each page of the written assignment (e.g. Bill Smith ASC1).

7. MODELS/EXAMPLES: ANY of your work may be presented to benefit the class, without identification, as an example. 

8. RETENTION OF WORK: All tests, assignments, exercises, reports, etc. will be kept by your professor. You will receive notification of the quality of work on most of the assignments. You have WITHIN ONE WEEK of the class's receiving the grade to review each assignment.

9. Assignment Revisions:  Revisions or rewriting of the the whole assignment or parts of it may be required by Dr. G..  The most common instances include:

a. If the original submission is done extremely poorly. 

b. If major sections of the assignment were omitted.

If a revision is required, Dr. G. will post "revise" in the Grade Post in the place of a grade for that assignment.  In this case, you revision will be graded on the "+2 day late" scale and MUST be resubmitted within 2 days of the posted notification.

10. "Extra" points:  These may be earned in two ways:  

a. Doing much better than expected on "Required" assignments.  In this case, your work was far superior to the class in general. 

b. Doing the limited amount of "CHOICE" assignments (see "Assignments Checklist"). Before "Choice" assignments will count, you must complete all "Required" assignments to Dr. G.'s satisfaction.  This does not mean that you can't submit a "choice" assignment before completing all of the "required" ones. 

You may use one "Late Assignment" as your one "Choice" Assignment.