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Preonline Letter
This letter was emailed to pre-registered students for this course.

This letter was emailed to students who pre-registered and to those who registered during the first week of classes.

Dear Student,

The records show that you have signed up for the Stress Management-Online course (18PRFS502707) offered by the Health Promotion and Education program of the College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services (CECH).  NOTE: This course is dual-listed (undergraduate/graduate).  Let me know if you wish graduate credit for it.  Additionally, it is equivalent to the following undergraduate courses:  Psychology of Stress Management and Career/Life Stress.

I just want to make you aware of some course information:

It is expected that you will maintain a usable email account, check your email at least 5 times a week, and have enough computer knowledge to be able to do the following:  send email, copy and paste material, save assignments in Rich Text Format (.rtf ), 


Success in this course will be greatly enhanced if you are a well-disciplined individual who is motivated and a "self-starter." Although the class will not be meeting formally the usual three hours per week, the course work will require you to spend this "class" time, plus any usual study time necessary for a three-hour course. If you fall behind the due dates more than two assignments, the suggestion will be made to withdraw from the course.  All assignments must be finished by the end of the quarter.  As one student commented, "I like the fact that its all on line giving you a chance to work at your own pace, being more convenient by not coming to class twice a week, and learning, if not more (than an in-class course about the subject)..."


Comments made on the course evaluation by past students concerning the instructor include the following: "always available,""very clear and understanding,""answered questions honestly and easily understood,""flexible, responsive," and "attentive to students,""very well-organized."


This should give you a comprehensive perspective about the course. I hope that you choose to continue in this online course this quarter; however, if this does not seem to fit your learning style, there are always in-class sections of stress management offered by various colleges on campus.




Dr. Walter S. Griesinger ("Dr. G"), Professor Emeritus of Psychology