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Assignment Quick Links

Career/Life Stress Management--Spring Qtr. (S-01)
Week Required Assignment Directions / Description
1 Introductory Survey WEB VERSION  Complete  and click "submit"
3 TRE1   Chapter Outlines 1,2,&3
5   IPAT Chapter 5   
SMP1   Project Self-Assessment Analysis/Daily Stress Log; Techniques, Theory
6 Test 1 -- T 1 Study Sheet   Chs.5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, & 12
IPAT Chapters 6 & 7   
7 IPAT Chapters 8 & 9   
  SMP2    Project Goals, problems/solutions, Project design (Your plan) 
Discussion Board (See "Blackboard")  
8   ASC2   Coping with Stressors Inventories
9  SMP3    Project  Summary & Evaluation 
10 Test 2 (M-C)-- / T2 Study Sheet   
CSE  Career Stress Evaluation or Interview Due
Course Evaluation PAPER COPY   
Choice Assignments
Due: Week 10, Friday for full credit
You must complete all of the required (R) assignments (the written ones to your professor's satisfaction)  to get credit for the choice (O) assignments.
No more than two (2) LATE REQUIRED Assignments OR one (1) LATE CHOICE Assignment per student may be turned in to 3428 French Hall no later than 4:15 PM, the first day of Final Exam week. NONE ACCEPTED LATER.
 IPAT Essay (to be done in class without notes, See "Class Schedule for due date)  TRE2 TRE3 ASC3 IPAT Chapter 10