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The aqua-colored boxes and/or red lettered assignments indicate due dates for REQUIRED assignments.. 

"Noone is resistant to stress. Each has a breaking point; each is vulnerable under the right conditions." (Donald Meichenbaum)

**All deadline times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST)

**This course is an 8-week course which may not comply strictly with the University of Cincinnati's (U.C.) quarter schedule, especially when the quarter begins on a day other than Monday (e.g. Autumn Quarter and most Winter Quarters).  THEREFORE, Week 1 means the FIRST WEEK OF THE COURSE, will always be on Monday.

Stress Management Online 08S:  8-Week Course
Week Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sat. Sun. Grade curve for work finished by indicated week




Discussion Board Autobiography DUE* (10 pts.) 

Complete Introductory Survey 

Print Assignment Checklist  to keep track of your assignments. 

Begin to notice your stressors for SMP1 Discussion Board (DB) 1 DUE* (15 pts.)  / THURS. , 8AM

(If you miss DB1, you may do Discussion Board (DB) 1A which will be posted  Week 6 and Due Week 7)

        You begin with 10 Contact Requirement pts. which will be deducted as quarter proceeds for failure to comply with requirement. 

NOTE: CR points may go into negative points.



ASC Assessing Stress Components DUE (25 pts.)  /Tues., 8AM

Introductory Survey  DUE* (5 pts.) 

      SMP1 Self-Assessment Analysis/Daily Stress Log; DUE (25 pts.) MIDNIGHT

(Option only for grad. stud. not doing SMPs)**GSMP1 (25 pts)./GRIP1 (20 pts)

    90-81=A; 80-72=B; 71-63=C; 62-56=D


  SMP2 Stress Management Research DUE (25 pts.) / Wed., 8AM

Test 1 (25 pts.) --T1 Study Sheet Test will be available online from Tues, PM--Sun. 10:00PM (Makeup T1 will be posted on T2 dates and will be timed)

(Option only for grad. stud. not doing SMPs)**GSMP2 (25 pts).



Drop notification to Dr. G. if planning to drop course


    Test 1--10PM 140-126=A; 125-112=B; 111-98=C; 97-84=D 


(Option only for grad. stud. not doing SMPs)**GRIP2 (25 pts.)   Discussion Board 2 DUE (15 pts.) / THURS. , 8 AM) DROP DEADLINE     Option only for grad. stud. not doing SMPs)**GSRA1 (40 pts) 155-140=A; 139-124=B; 123-109=C; 108-93=D


SMP3 Goals, problems/solutions, Project design (Copied plan) DUE*(20 pts.) /Tues., NOON

Option only for grad. stud. not doing SMPs)**GSRA2 (15 pts)


(Option only for grad. stud. not doing SMPs)**GSMP3 (20 pts)

        175-158=A; 157-140=B; 139-123=C; 122-105=D


  Test 2 (25 pts.) -- T2 Study Sheet (Chs.5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, & 12) Note: The test will be available online from Tues., PM until Sun., 10:00PM (Makeup T2 will be posted on T3 dates and will be timed)  Discussion Board 3  DUE (15 pts.) / THURS. , 8 AM)


    Discussion Board (DB) 1A DUE (ONLY for those who missed DB1) Test 2--10PM 215-194=A; 193-172=B; 171-151=C; 150-129=D 


(Option only for grad. stud. not doing SMPs)**GRIP3 (40 pts.)     SMP4  Project  Summary & Eval. DUE**** (40 pts.)/ Fri., 8AM  

(Option only for grad. stud. not doing SMPs)**GSMP4 (40 pts)/**GRIP4 (25 pts.)

    Option only for grad. stud. not doing SMPs)**GSRA3 (40 pts) 255-230=A; 229-204=B; 203-179=C; 178-153=D 


(Option only for grad. stud. not doing SMPs)**GSRA4 (15 pts)

Test 3 (M-C) (35 pts.)--T3 Study Sheet  Note: The test will be available online from Mon.., PM until Thurs., 11:00PM (No Makeup)

    Test 3--11:00PM Course Evaluation DUE  (10 pts.) MIDNIGHT

O Choice Assignment DUE MIDNIGHT

    300-270=A; 269-240=B; 239-210=C; 209-180=D


Late assignment due by 6:00PM              
  Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sat. Sun.  
  You must complete ALL ASSIGNMENTS (the written ones to your professor's satisfaction)  to get credit for the one optional "Choice Assignment." See "Assignments" in Blackboard for limits on Choice Assignments. (See information and note below)
  8th Week: No Final Exam.  No more than ONE (1) LATE REQUIRED Assignment OR one (1) LATE CHOICE Assignment per student may be submitted by  6:00PM of the 3rd day (generally Mon.) after the last work is due. NONE ACCEPTED LATER

**"G" before an assignment indicates a Graduate Student SMP Alternative assignment. All graduate students can do the regular SMP assignments. The "GSMP"s or "GRIP"s are strictly an option to the regular "SMP"s. 

Choice Assignments are strictly optional and are extra credit. You must complete ALL of the Assignments (to your professor's satisfaction)  to get credit for the choice (O) assignment. (Even if credit is not earned on the assignment for excessive lateness defined as 2 days past the deadline.)

Note:  If you missed an Assignment and submitted it later than the "late" deadline, it may be counted as your one Choice Assignment.  If it is an SMP assignment, they must be submitted in order.  In other words,  SMP2 cannot be received before SMP1, SMP3 cannot be received before SMP2, etc.

Final Course Grade:


You must complete ALL of the tests and all parts of the Stress Management Program sections (SMP) and all other Assignments to be eligible to receive an "A," "B,"  REGARDLESS OF THE NUMBER OF POINTS EARNED.  You must complete ALL SMP sections and remaining work with at least a 60% average to PASS THE COURSE. All work must be completed by Monday of WEEK 9 at the required time or the grade will be calculated on the basis of the points earned up to that time. No "IP"s (incompletes) are generally given.