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Dr. G's Pet Peeves

We all have little annoyances that bother us. I am no exception.  Here are a few of mine, not necessarily in the order of importance:


Not setting up and maintaining an email account or letting me know of a change in your email address.  I try to keep in touch with you regularly by email.  It is the ONLY way that I can answer your questions about assignments, let you know of any schedule changes, etc. For your own good, points will be deducted on a daily basis for not setting up a usable email account, registering it correctly in the Virtual Classroom and maintaining it. 

Not checking email regularly.  Many times I email you will suggestions for doing an assignment, answering a student's question that I think may be helpful to you, etc.  I do not check my voice mail (it is not working most of the time) and this is a vital way to keep in touch, please check it regularly.  I usually check my email twice daily--in the morning and early evening, including weekends, situations permitting. 

Not reading directions on assignments carefully. There are a few students (thank goodness) who habitually rush through assignments without reading the directions.  All directions are meaningful.  Some help me grade the assignments quicker, some are a result of mistakes made by former students, etc.

Not submitting assignments according to directions. ALL assignments are to be submitted via email (or the Digital Drop Box, ONLY if directed to do so).  Put your name and assignment designation at the left margin at the top of the assignment. 

You should submit your assignments earlier than OR on the time and date as directed for full credit.  In your email, put a "707 PQ" , Assignment designation, and your name in the subject box (e.g. 707 PQ ASC, Bill Smith) AND your name and assignment designation in the message box.

Academic honesty. It is expected that all students work independently and ethically on tests, quizzes, papers, and other assignments. Any student found to be cheating will automatically be dismissed from the course and receive the final grade of "F" for the course. The Dean of your college will be notified of the infraction.

Grade/Point "haggling":  I am sensitive about mistakes made in grading therefore I read each assignment twice before assigning a grade.  Generally, points are deducted for not only specific material, but also format, details, following directions, and overall quality of the work.

After all late assignments have been submitted (2 days after due date), I will send an email to each of your with a "Grading Criteria" Code, indicating the areas points were deducted.

You have ONE WEEK after a grade is given to the class to contact me if you feel that a mistake was made.