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Assignment Submission Format

The format is important:

1. Put your name and the name of the assignment in the upper left-hand corner of every assignment.

2. Save assignment in either MS Word (.doc) or Rich Text Format (.rft)

ALL assignments are to be submitted via EMAIL.

3. In the email, put the "707 PQ title of the assignment" in the Subject box. (By doing this you will receive an automatic reply saying "Dr. G. received your email" when I open the email.)

4. Put your name and title of assignment in the "message" section of the email.



On the deadline day, I will send an email to any student whose (1) email was not readable due to incorrect saving of assignment (#2 above) OR (2) to any student who did not submit the assignment. 

You have 1 day from the sending of my email to resubmit or submit your assignment, correcting any problems in the readability or submitting a late assignment. 

(1) Those have a "readability" problem will not have points deducted if I receive your assignment during this time. 

(2) Those submitting a late assignment will have late points deducted.  No assignment is accepted for credit after 2 days late unless counted as your one "Choice Assignment." 

In other words, LATE ASSIGNMENTS are those submitted after the stated due date and time up to TWO DAYS from the original assignment due date. (See "Assignments Checklist" in Blackboard) Any later than TWO DAYS will be given a grade of "zero" but must still be submitted with a quality sufficient for Dr. G.'s satisfaction. 

NOTE:  There is no such thing as a late Discussion Board post.  Those posted later than the deadline date and time will receive a "zero."