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See "Class Calendar/Weekly Grade Scale" or "Assignments" in Blackboard for due dates and descriptions. 

NOTE:  Green-lettered assignments indicate different assignments for in-class and online course. The total number of points for each course is the same. 

Required Assignments  
Assignment Week / Day due Date turned in On time points total 2 days+ late pt. total Points earned
Intro. Survey     5 x  
DB_Autobio.     10  5  
Discussion Board 1A     5 x  
Discussion Board 1B     10 x  
Discussion Board 2     15 x  
Discussion Board 3     15 x  
Discussion Board 4     15 x  
Discussion Board 5     15 x  
SMP1     40 30  
SMP2     20 14  
SMP3     40 30  
ASC      25  15  
TEST 1     20 15  
TEST 2     25 20  
TEST 3     30 x  
Course Eval.     15 8  
Contact Req.    20    
    Total pts. 325    

Grade Scale:  A = 320-288; B =287-256; C = 255-229; D = 228-192; F =Below 192

Final Exam Week: No Final Exam.  No more than two (2) LATE REQUIRED Assignments OR one (1) LATE CHOICE Assignment per student may be turned in to 3428 French Hall no later than 4:15 PM, the first day of Final Exam week. NONE ACCEPTED LATER.

Choice Assignments 
See "Assignment Quick Links" for limits on "Choice Assignments"
You must complete all of the required (R) assignments (the written ones to your professor's satisfaction)  to get credit for the choice (O) assignments.
Assignment Week / Day due Date turned in Points total Late pt. total Points earned Instructor's Verification
You may complete only ONE of these, which is DUE the last day of classes:
ASC3     20 x    
CSE2     20 x    
TRE2     20 x    
TRE3     20 x    

You must complete ALL of the tests and all parts of the Stress Management Program sections (SMP) and Required Assignments to be eligible to receive an "A," "B,"  regardless of the total number of points earned.  You must complete ALL required work with at least a 60% average to pass the course. All work must be completed by the announced day during final exam week or the grade will be calculated on the basis of the points earned up to that time. No "IP"s (incompletes) are generally given.