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Stress Management
Emotional Wellness Links

The following links are organized according to sub-categories and various intervention categories*. Some of these sections change frequently, so be sure to bookmark this site and refer to it often!

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Cognitive Restructuring Approaches to Stress Management

Pages dedicated to changing negative thought patterns

Cognitive Approaches

Humor, Health & Happiness



Relaxation Techniques

Generic Relaxation Articles

Pages dedicated to specific relaxation techniques




Light Sound Machines


Meditation Resources

Progressive Neuromuscular Relaxation


Quieting Response

REST Flotation

Tai Chi

Visualization and Imagery

Writing Therapy


Situational Approaches to Stress Management

Pages offering help with changing environmental influences of emotions

Time Management Strategies

Having Fun

Increasing One's Social Support Network

For Families & Parents

Relationships - Divorce For and About Kids

For Death, Loss and Bereavement

Other Forms of Situational Approaches to Stress Management

Power Therapies for Trauma Therapy Financial Wellness

Spiritual Health Awareness


Chronic Physiological Arousal Interventions
How to make your body stronger to withstand emotional distress

Nutritional Approaches to Stress Management

Exercise and Stress Management

Tai Chi



Stress in the Workplace

For Stress Professionals

Other Sites


Specific Stressful Occupations


Stress Management for College Students

(From various student health centers)


Emotional Self Help Links


Related Professional Organizations and Associations


Physiology and Disease


Performance Psychology


Commercial Vendors Selling Products and Services

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Newsletters and Training Manuals

Biofeedback Instruments and Training

Evaluation Instruments

Relaxation Devices
Rest Flotation Systems

Treatment Centers/Retreats


Online Counseling Services


Other Resources

New Stuff