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Little-known Management Information About Hidden Stress

If there's just one thing you will do for yourself and your family, let it be dealing with your hidden stress! That biochemical cause of physical and emotional strain intends to do to you what cholera did to those who didn't get to be your ancestors, two-hundred years ago.

Stress is like cholera. A series of programs on educational television a while back gave information about events in history that were huge influences on our history. One program dealt with cholera, a monstrous infectious disease. Some points made were:

Stress, the biochemical response (not emotion) to subconscious thoughts that there is some threat, is like cholera. In fact, it's the modern version of that disease. How is that?

Hidden Stress Management. Mind-boggling insights regularly spring from seemingly minor events. Albert Einstein formulated his Theory of Relativity while talking to a friend. Some day, the discovery of hidden stress might rank on a par with Einstein's theory. We believe it can, since its applications seem far more practical.

While helping man a booth at a health fair some years ago, Richard discovered something new and important about this lifestyle health risk. He was there to give employees management information about this risk ... for the company that sponsored the fair. A fellow, he guessed was a manager with the company, rushed by the booth puffing on a cigarette and saying, "I don't need to talk to you. I don't have any stress."

"He was perhaps the most obviously stressed person I saw that day. And he wasn't lying about his stress." Richard explained. "Somehow he didn't realize how stressed and at risk he was. He suffered from HIDDEN STRESS."

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