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Stop Smoking and Stress, Free Self-test.


As many as two-thirds of office visits to family physicians are due to stress-related health problems. Such health problems cost American businesses between $50 and $75 billion each year. Stress is a major contributor, directly or indirectly, to six of the leading causes of death in the U.S.:

1. coronary heart disease;

2. cancer;

3. lung disease;

4. cirrhosis of the liver;

5. accidental injury and

6. suicide.

There is a growing awareness among "healthcaring" professionals of a subtle but powerful association between stress, health and maintaining physical well-being (Wellness). Chronically high stress contributes to problems such as headaches, back pain, stomach problems and obesity. Frequent stress, with anger, fosters high blood pressure and stroke. Stress associated with depression encourages physical fatigue and lowers our resistance to illness. Tobacco use can easily represent a failed attempt to deal with hidden or obvious stress.

The WIN Stress and Smoking Quiz offers these important benefits:

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