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Diet or Weight-loss Self-test, Overweight or Fat?

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Richard Lovelace, Ph.D., Member Who's Who in Mental Health on the Web,

Please use this self-test to help determine what causes being overweight and continued difficulty with dieting or excess body fat.

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For adults only. We created, used and refined this self-appraisal with hundreds of adults. So, it does not apply to teens or children. Also, this quiz is intended for adults who have what they believe is an on-going problem with being overweight / excess body fat. Throughout our publications "excess body fat" refers to body weight that one's physician says needs to go for the sake of health or happiness.


Wellness International Network's


Weight-loss and Body Fat Inventory

Please keep track, by typing in the boxes to the right, how many "yes" answers you give.

A. Where eating, dieting or exercise is concerned, I too often feel out of control.

Yes........... No


B. I've tried dieting, in one way or another, several times.

Yes.......... No


C. I have (or used to have) someone in my life who keeps on (or kept on) disapproving of or being concerned about my weight or what I do that keeps it.

Yes ..........No


D. I like and enjoy eating, or I love food.

Yes ...........No


E. I don't like exercise or don't like to sweat.

Yes ...........No


F. I have trouble cutting back on my eating (OR dieting) and staying cut back.

Yes ............No


G. At least sometimes I should be able to cheat and eat too much or eat fattening foods.

Yes ............No


H. I can't (or don't want to) hurt the feeling of others by refusing to eat what they want me to eat.

Yes ............No


I. I reward myself by eating more or eating what I like.

Yes ...........No


J. It isn't that I don't know what I should do to lose weight. The problem that gets in my way is more getting myself to do what works and keep on doing it.

Yes............ No


K. Thinking about, reading or hearing others talk about "losing weight" or "dieting" seems to make it harder for me, or the more I hear about it, the less well I do.

Yes ...........No


L. Appetite or hunger isn't as much a problem for me as eating automatically, hungry or not.

Yes ...........No


Copyright 1997-99, Wellness International Network, Inc. All rights reserved.  

What your answers indicate:

What your answers to the "Body Fat Quiz" imply (stated below) depends on you meeting the assessment criteria that you are an adult with chronic excess body fat. If you are not such an adult, this quiz and the results gained from taking it do not apply to you and are to be ignored. Also for what follows to apply with enough confidence, you need to have seven or more "yes" answers.

  • The more "yes" answers you gave in excess of seven, the greater the likelihood that you now (or will soon) sufficiently recognize that your excess body fat is a problem that deserves your continued and focused attention.
  • You now have hidden portions of your personality--with their "fattitudes"--usually in control of behaviors that make you maintain and regain excess weight or body fat. That needs to change for you to have lasting success with "weight-loss" that comes from safe methods.
  • Did you answer "yes" to quiz items "C" and "H"? If so, that implies that you have one or more people in your life who subtly or secretly work to interfere with your efforts to get rid of excess fat (weight) or keep it off. See our free article entitled "Secret Saboteurs & Your Wellness."
  • Answering "yes" to the quiz statement letter "K" implies that you have a greater-than-usual sensitivity to the language that encourages having and maintaining excess body fat. We recommend that you soon begin to counter that sensitivity. Take a look at "Words & Giving Away Fat" on this Web site for more information on this (sensitivity to language).
  • How did you answer statements "I" and "L"? If "yes" to both, that suggests a particularly strong conditioned response. (Pairing of factors* so often over time until the presence of one encourages the unknown desire for the other.) You need, we believe, to have something that works and is safe to do, when the conditioning happens.

    * In this case, this means pairing eating with factors such as moods, physical states, times, places, occasions and people. You might, for instance, be likely to eat when you are tired.

Book reference: Fat, Give It Away!. Lovelace, R. T., Health & Happiness Press, Winston-Salem. 1997.

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The Wellness International Network, Inc. Body Fat Inventory (WIN-BFI) offers these important benefits:

  • Being reality based, it examines what you want to know about. That is, what really causes being and staying overweight.
  • It is time-tested. The weight-loss quiz was developed over 12 years and used with thousands of adults around the world.
  • Because it is self-scored and not automated, this over-weight-causation appraisal is entirely confidential and private. Unless you tell, no one but you will know what you learn.
  • It is FREE. For your personal use only. This material is copyrighted. (For your individual use only and not to be printed or used other than for your personal use, unless with written permission from, and signed by, an officer of Wellness International Network, Inc.)

Please note: The author and Wellness International Network, Inc. offer this inventory for educational purposes. No lifestyle, health risk appraisal tells absolute facts. Such assessments suggest possibilities to consider. When the results make sense and are helpful, then use them to your benefit. Avoid making significant changes in your eating, work or relationships based on the results. Instead, use what you learn combined with appropriate professional support.

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