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Healthy Interpersonal Communications & Relationships, Free Self-test

Richard T. Lovelace, Ph.D., Member Who's Who in Mental Health on the Web.

Interpersonal communications and relationships that work (at work and elsewhere) involve interactions between two people who are experiencing comfortable emotions and physical states. An uncomfortable emotional state such as anger with an uncomfortable physical state like a "tension headache" surely discourage getting along. The most direct cause of such discomfort is stress: a biochemical response to an unknown perception of threat. To the point, the more stress you have the more your relationships will suffer. The more your relationships or interpersonal communications are hurting, the greater the likelihood you will have even more stress.

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Note: A guide to using the stress test portion of this lifestyle, health risk assessment with work groups will be found in the 2000 Training and Performance Sourcebook, published (December, 1999) by McGraw-Hill.

Wellness International Network's Interpersonal Communication and Relationship Stress Test/Inventory