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Overview of Written Assignments 

The following assignments is a complete list of assignments and due dates. Those not visible in Blackboard will be accessible periodically AT LEAST two weeks before due date:

Autumn Quarter (02A)
Task Date Due Total Pts.

Blackboard account and working e-mail

(Points deducted for not establishing & maintaining.)
Contact Requirement Points 20 pts. total (Points deducted for each violation)
Introductory Survey First week of beginning of class. 9/25-10/02 5
Discussion Board--Autobiography 9/27 10
Discussion Board 1A 9/28 10
Discussion Board 1B 10/5 5
ASC 10/11 25
Discussion Board 2 10/19 15
Test 1 10/20 PM-10/22 noon 20
SMP1 10/25 40
Discussion Board 3 11/02 15
SMP2 11/08 20
Test 2 11/10PM-11/12 noon 25
Discussion Board 4 11/16 15
SMP3 11/22 40
Discussion Board 5 11/30 15
Test 3 12/01 PM - 12/03 noon 30
Course Evaluation 12/06 midnight 15
Choice Assignment (optional--1 only) 12/06

The Weekly Schedule can be found under "Assignments" bar; "AA (Assignments Assistance"; "Class Calendar / Weekly Grade Scale" link.

SCHEDULING CHANGES: Your professor reserves the right to make changes in scheduling, grading, or assignments in the event of special circumstances. These changes will be announced on the "Announcement" page in Blackboard.

(IN-CLASS SECTIONS ONLY) WEATHER-RELATED CANCELLATIONS: Listen to the radio in the morning. If U.C. is closed or morning classes are delayed due to weather, you will not be expected to be in class. Should a test be scheduled for that day, it will be given the next time the class meets.