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Discussion Board Postings

An additional part of your responsibility is to post to the Discussion Board and comment thoughtfully on your classmates' postings beginning the first week of classes.  PLEASE NOTE that you must have postings for the week submitted by the deadline posted on the Class Calendar. Any postings after this time will not be counted.  Additionally, your response(s) must be spread out over the week.  Please do not wait until the deadline and post and respond on the same day. With most Discussion Boards you will be required to both POST your work AND RESPOND/REPLY to another student's posting.


In general, I will consider the quality of your writing when grading your discussion. I will use the following criteria to evaluate your work:

More specifically, evaluation of postings & comments is on four levels, depending on the type of Discussion Board assignment:

1. Student's immediate posting. It is obvious that there is more chance to be original if yours is one of the first postings. Should reflect personal involvement in the topic when appropriate.

2. Ideas:

The meaning of "Original"-- Dr. G. cannot judge if your post is based on your referring to those who have posted before you. Also, some DBs will have more than one appropriate choice for sources, interpretation, etc.. Therefore, "original," when appropriate, refers to using sources or websites different from others who have posted, a different interpretation of the same source from those who have posted, etc.. 

3. Level of involvement:

I will be looking for IN-DEPTH THINKING OR ON THE DISCUSSION BOARD. Simply stating that you agree with another student does NOT constitute "in-depth thinking"!

For given Discussion Boards at end of term, I may look at the responses from other students that each student's comments generate. If the original comment was not very thought provoking, other students are not likely to react to it.

4. ACADEMIC HONESTY: It is expected that all students work independently and ethically on tests, quizzes, papers, and other assignments.  PLAGIARISM: It is unethical and illegal to use someone else's words, even a recognizable one or two-word phrase, without putting the material in quotation marks AND POINTING OUT THE SOURCE.  Any student found to be cheating in either of the above manners will automatically be dismissed from the course and receive the final grade of "F" for the course. The Dean of your college will be notified of the infraction. 

Students are expected to follow the mandates of the University of Cincinnati Code of Conduct. You may view this information online at the following site: .