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Career Stress Exercise 1

Objective:  The purpose of this assignment is to predict stressors in your chosen field/work or in occupations in general.

Career Stress Publications

Directions:  In CRE1 you are to find two articles  (journal article, book section, internet article, etc.) concerning stress/stressors that you are likely to encounter in your chosen field. 

You are to use a library search such as in Blackboard (under "Resources" bar; using Search Engine, "Research" articles) OR  PsychINFO for a professional psychology/ mental health journal research article. (See "Course Documents," "Library Usage Directions...").  Many of the articles are "full-text" and can be printed right from the internet.  Others may be available in Langsam Library located on U.C.'s West Campus or Health Sciences Library located on U.C.'s East Campus.

Suggestion:  If you have problems finding material under "stress," try the term "burnout."  If you are using any computer search (library or internet), try using "stress" (or "burnout") and the career area in the search box.  For example-- "burnout and social work".  You may also try two "Subjects" such as "work" and "stress".

If one of  of these sources was not a professional library journal research article find one that is.  (You may look in Blackboard under "Resources") or book.  After finding the articles/sections you are to:

1. (a) Summarize the Article 1 in your own words, (b) Summarize the Article 2 in your own words

2. (a) look in your text and LIST which stress management technique(s) might be most useful for combating the stressor(s) mentioned in the articles, 

(b) describe the technique(s) and give reasons why you think these would be most useful in your particular career

3. write an APA-style bibliography for the source.

4. attach a copy of the articles/printouts to the back of the assignment with the relevant material "highlighted" (In-class ONLY)


If your second article is:

** (In-class only) Turn in both article and summary to Dr. G.

**(Online only) Send Dr. G. the summaries and the APA-format bibliography entries only. Keep the printouts for future use or submit if Dr. G. requests them.