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Assessing Stress Components 3 (ASC3): Burnout Quiz

Directions:  Complete EACH assessment and complete the information asked. You will be graded on following directions, submitting the assignment early or on the deadline day, your understanding of the readings and the assessment device, and the thoroughness of your answers.

Burnout Quiz

Assessment Device Number of Questions Score
Job Burnout Inventory (use school if you don't have a job) 20  
Burnout Test-- Form 1 OR Form 2 (use school if you don't have a job) 15-20 min.  
Burnout Potential Inventory 48  

Directions: On a separate sheet of paper, please answer the following below in essay form, when indicated.  Label each section.

1. State your score and summarize the results.

a. For the Job Burnout Inventory

b. For the Burnout Test (please indicate Form 1 or Form 2)

c. For the Burnout Potential Inventory

2. Explain why or why not you think the results were accurate for EACH by using data from the interpretation of the scores and examples from your life.

a. Job Burnout Inventory

b. Burnout Test

c. Burnout Potential Inventory

3. Describe the similarities and differences in the results of the three assessment devices.

4. Citing information from Charlesworth or other readings, etc., describe your plan for combating burnout.