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Drop Box Directions

1. ALL assignments are to be submitted in via the "Drop Box" in Blackboard.

 After submitting to the Drop Box, notify me by email following the format at the bottom of this page. I will then check to see if it uploaded correctly.  If you do not do this and the assignment is not in my Drop Box, your work will be considered late.

 2. Submitting your Papers in the Digital Drop Box in "Blackboard"

 Here are some brief instructions:

 If your computer connects to the internet, you can sign on to Blackboard and put your file in the Digital Drop Box. You can also put your file on a floppy disk and send it from another computer.

 These are the steps:

 1) Click on Student Tools and then Digital Drop Box.

 2) Click on the "Send File" button (NOT "Upload button" OR "Add File" ) and then fill out these lines of the form:


 File: Press the Browse button and navigate to the file containing your paper. You will have to change Type of File to All files (*.*) to be able to see the file containing your paper. When you find your file, click on it to highlight it and then press "Open." This will put your complete file name in the form.

 Click "Submit" to finish. Click "Cancel" to abort this process.

 3) EMAIL Dr. G. to inform him that you have send an assignment in the Digital Drop Box. Be sure that you use the "Subject" box information mentioned in the directions for submitting an email. Put 707 PQ the assignment name and your name in the "Subject box. (Example: 707 PQ SMP1 Bill Smith) Also, put the assignment name and your name in the message box of the email. The "PQ" will generate an automatic response "Dr. G. has received your email."