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Discussion Board #3:  Assessment  1    (15 pts.) + Reply

Directions: Post the answers on the Discussion Board and label each answer (A & B).

Click on the following link for the Assessment.

Assessment link

A. List the ONE reading from the following list that you think the assessment is measuring.


Reading Source Reading Title
Charlesworth, Chapter 14 The Help Your Heart Report Card:...

Charlesworth, Chapter 16

The Movies of your Mind: Anxiety
Charlesworth, Chapter 17 The Second Feature: Anger

Locus of Control Reading  (click link)

Locus of Control Reading--Source unknown
Charlesworth, Chapters 18, 19 & 20 Assertiveness
Charlesworth, Chapter 21 Managing the Times of Your Life

 B. Discuss why you chose the reading you did by using details from the reading and the assessment to back up your claims. The assessment may be appropriate for more than one reading.  

C. Respond/reply to one other student's posting.