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Discussion Board #2:  Psychology Internet Evaluation (15 pts.)  Post and Reply

he World Wide Web (WWW) has led to a vast increase in the amount of information available on the Internet. As a research tool, however, the Web lacks the quality assurance that editors provide with print publications. Therefore, it is crucial that people doing research in this medium learn how to critically evaluate the material they find. 

You will be using the Psychology Internet Evaluation (PIE) Sheet under "Assignments Assistance in Blackboard" to evaluate the websites.

Below is a list of 6 websites  that may be appropriate in dealing with  stressors.  

Managing Priorities   ** /  Relaxation Techniques  **  /  Relaxation for the Rest of Us  ** /  10 Self-Care Techniques   **  /  Self-Esteem   **   /   Learn to Relax   **  /  Relaxation Exercises  ***  /  Stress Management: What is Stress?

Part I. 

After examining each of the 6 websites listed above.... you are to post on Discussion Board 2 the following: 

A. Write the NUMBER AND TITLE of the ONE website you think demonstrates the highest QUALITY using the criteria on the Psychology Internet Evaluation (PIE) Sheet .

B. Write in essay form (complete sentences and paragraphs), in your own words, an evaluation of the CHOSEN WEBSITE by using the 5 criteria on the  Psychology Internet Evaluation (PIE) Sheet.  Follow the format described on the PIE Sheet.

Part II.

C. Respond/reply to one other student's posting, giving them suggestions about why their selection might or might not be of the highest quality.  Use criteria from the Psychology Internet Evaluation (PIE) Sheet to back up your suggestions. (If you see that theirs might be better than your selection, indicate why you think this might be so.)

Grading Criteria: See Grading Criteria for Discussion Boards.